Guangdong Experimental Shunde School International Department 2018 Admissions Guide

Guangdong Experimental Shunde School International Department imports high school teaching system and teaching philosophy from the United States, so that students can locally accept American high school education in China. To cultivate international vision and learning ability, with the help of advanced teachers, the program can help students improve their academic ability and promote their comprehensive and individual development, which meets the requirements for future entry for foreign colleges.

Students to be enrolled

1、Total number of students:30
2、Objective Student:Junior high school graduates,national enrollment


1、Good moral character, good health
2、Have a clear purpose of study abroad
3、Master basic English and have learning potential

Registration time and place

1、Time:from March 15th 2018, Morning-8:30-12:00 Afternoon-2:30-5:00
2、Place:Guangdong Experimental Shunde School International Exchange Center

Tuition Fee

RMB120,000/per academic year(including boarding fee and others)


1、ID copy
2、grade report
3、photo copy
4、application form   Register Online