Our program is committed to ensuring that each student will be prepared for oversea college from China locally. It provides academic experiences for all students to meet or exceed expectations close to the United States Standards(now for Oregon). In order to meet the needs of all students, a variety of programs, including integrated Chinese program, and instructional practices are offered.

To inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve we must ensure that all teachers, who come from the United States high school, have the knowledge and skill to teach the current and future student population, who will be living and working in a global economy. That calls for instruction that is focused on preparing students for today and beyond, therefore, we are committed to giving all teachers the tools they need to work effectively with every student so that he/she can reach his/her potential.

Our program builds an Instructional Framework that provides the foundation for pedagogical excellence. It outlines the essential components of teaching and learning while giving teachers the flexibility to exercise their professional judgment to meet the needs of individual students. This framework is a cycle with four key components: plan, teach, monitor, and adjust. While these components overlap to a degree, the framework outlines the key ideas and best instructional practices to achieve our mission.

All in all, we don't only educate students to gain knowledge from textbook, but also we develop the power and talent of each individual, our framework is grounded in the principles of classroom practice, climate and organization that research has demonstrated are the most effective methods in increasing student achievement in the future.