Widen vision by study tour, Share happiness for growth

All the students gained various knowledge in the summer camp organized by International Department, as old Chinese proverb said: " one reads thousands of books, and travels thousands miles", that is to say studying and actions as being complementary to each other. Thirteen students from the International Department, led by two teachers, arrived in New York on July 18th to start a twenty-day study tour across the east and west coasts in USA.

It is the longest, the farthest sumer camp, first time across the US East Coast, Midwest and West Coast, it is also the first time organized by self-driving, very flexible in accordance with the specific needs of camp members so as to maximize the depth of understanding of the United States diversified culture, advanced economy, technology, leading education and beautiful nature. Members visited many famous universities in the United States, such as Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, Stanford University, Boston University, Columbia University, New York University and the like, they also visited the Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue, Times Square in New York, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Silicon Valley in San Francisco, Hollywood Studios, Avenue of Stars in Los Angeles, Colorado Redstone Park, Parliament House, Denver Botanical Gardens, Rocky Mountains area in Colorado, enjoyed original natural scenery, integrated in YMCA club and communicated with local students. Meanwhile, Members also visited the GVA school, Jesus High School which is alma mater "Olympic champion" for the United States, participated in Denver Christian School local summer camp as well. In order to understand the Christian culturl, they visited Boston Trinity Church, Denver Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Full-time teacher Helen explained all the questions during the travelling, the students left wonderful memories in the United States!


  • Day 1 Monday 7/18/2016

    Gethering at school campus at 9:30am,take bus to Zhongshan city,then to Hongkong International airport

  • Day 2 Monday 7/18/2016(USA eastern time)

    Arrived John F. Kennedy International Airport at 22:05pm

  • Day 3 Tuesday 7/19/2016

    8:00 am—8:45 am Breakfast, 9:00——12:00 take Shark boat to visit The Statue of Liberty in the morning, visit Times Square, Fifth Avenue and Central Park in the afternoon

  • Day 4 Wednesday 7/20/2016

    9:00am visit Columbia University and New York University,take bus to Boston in afternoon

  • Day 5 Thursday 7/21/2016

    8:00 am—8:45 am Breakfast, 10:00 Visit Boston University, luanch at Harvard University,visit MIT afternoon

  • Day 6 Friday 7/22/2016

    freedom trail Bunker Hill Monument 30min, Boston chinatown-lunch at New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant, boston park visiting

  • Day 7 Saturday 7/23/2016

    8:00am—8:45am Breakfast, ready to fly to Denver from Boston

  • Day 8-14 Sunday-Sunday 7/24/2016-7/31/2016

    Visit the Colorado government building, Denver Immaculate Conception Cathedral, 16 Street MALL, Redstone Park, Denver Botanical Gardens park, take class in Denver Christian School and gathering with VGA school for dinner, 7/28 -7/31 YMCA of Rockies

  • Day 15 Monday 8/1/2016

    Fly to San Francisco in the morning, visit Standford University in the afternoon

  • Day 16 Tuesday 8/2/2016

    Touring in San Francisco:Fisherman's Wharf and high-tech companies

  • Day 17 Wednesday 8/3/2016

    Driving to Los Angelos by No. 1 road,Enjoy the sea-waves, odd-shaped reefs, as well as cute sea lions, billionaire villa in Meilen, the world's top golf course, watch the sea lions, beach and enjoy the sunset

  • Day 18 Thursday 8/4/2016

    Visit Los Angeles, visit Universal Studios and go Shopping

  • Day 19 Friday 8/5/2016

    Ready to fly back to China by BR005 at 12:50am

  • Day 20 Saturday 8/6/2016

    Arrived at Hongkong by BR857 at 19:55,take bus to Shunde city